Originally in the 1994 cookbook.
Even thoough the dessert looks difficult to make when completed, it is really simple to do.


1 white cake mix package
1 large package jello
1 large package instant pudding
1 large can fruit, drained
1 tub whipping cream


  1. Bake cake according to instructions on box for 9×13 inch cake. Cool. Set aside.
  2. While cake is baking, make jello and pudding. Set both in refrigerator to begin setting.
  3. Since this dessert is put together in layers, follow this order.
  4. Layer 1:
     – Break cake into little pieces and put in bottom of large glass mixing bowl.
    Layer 2:
     – Cut jello into small pieces and cover cake. If jello is soft, pour over cake.
    Layer 3:
     – Drain fruit; layer on top of jello and cake.
    Layer 4:
     – Spread pudding over growing layer of Trifle.
    Layer 5:
     – Scoop whipping cream onto Trifle, spreading it to edges.
  5. When completed, refrigerate for at least two hours to set jello and to enhance flavors.

For a pretty effect, layer Trifle in individual glasses or bowls.
Since several flavors are involved, be sure they complement each other. Some suggestions are:

  * White cake, orange jello, pineapple, and vanilla pudding.
  * White cake, strawberry jello, sliced bananas, vanilla pudding.


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