– How the first Cady Cookbook came to be

During the summer of 1979, I had graduated from high school and was preparing to head out to college where I would be “grown up”. Unfortunately, it also meant that I would leave home and have to rely on my own cooking skills. So I began the quest to copy Mom’s recipes so I could cook them for myself.

And now it is April 2012. I estimate that since I was married I have cooked approximately 10000 dinners (give or take a few). I remember Mom saying that she absolutely hated having to figure out what was for dinner, and now I know why.

Chuck took over the cookbook next, and formed the cookbook into a collaboration between all the family members. I still use his hard copy to this day when I recreate beloved family meals.

In an attempt to at least try to enter the 21st century I am now taking the cookbook online with this blog. I hope to make it available for all in the family to post their recipes, as well as comment on other family member’s cooking.

Hopefully when my kids need a recipe for dinner, they will have a headstart on the rest of the world. Enjoy!

One thought on “– How the first Cady Cookbook came to be

  1. From the 4th edition of the Cady Cookbook:

    Before Chris went to college, she wanted a cookbook of all the recipes Mom used. She began gathering them together. When Chris got married, she received notecards with recipes on them. Later she began collecting more recipes from Mom's cookbooks. This collection became the foundation for the first Cady Family Cookbook.

    The cookbook became popular among family members. The first published version was 47 pages. Now it is must larger. It has been revised and greatly expanded over the years. It is also a record of many of our family's favorite eats. It is no wonder the cookbook is so well used. Ask anyone in the family and they will tell you this is the most popular book in the kitchen. Looking at many of them from over the years, this is easy to believe.

    Now in its fourth edition, the cookbook has been revised and expanded, and has a brand new look. Many new recipes have been added and many old ones remain. In the past the recipes were arranged according to space, but this time around, they are grouped together to make it easier to find similar recipes.

    We hope you enjoy the cookbook, and happy baking!

    Thanks, Chris, for the first cookbook, and thanks to everyone for your contributions over the years!


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